Madonna Stoned

August 12, 2008

Well, Somebody Broke Out The Rocks…And The Window

Here are a few photos of overrated pop harlot Madonna’s vehicle that was stoned in New York by a few men. According to recent reports, it is not known whether or not the pop menace was in the car at the time.

She’s been going around New York looking all grumpy and evil, due to her career tanking, hitting its worst sales and PR lows to date, and the widespread bad press over her terrible misdeeds. Hey, you reap what you sow. Bringing slavery back isn’t a good look.

Did Chanel really make that tracksuit. Madonna makes designer clothes look fug! And the hair – look at the hair! She doesn’t own a comb or brush?

Remember when your Kabbalah cult gave Britney Spears all that bad advice, brainwashed her into thinking crazy things, then she went around looking like something shot out of a cannon. Not a nice feeling (or look), now is it, Madonna.

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