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Kanye West Accused Of Stealing From Blogs

August 12, 2008

Rapper Kanye West has been sued by different people for copyright infringement in stealing songs. Now he’s being accused of stealing posts for his blog. The sites Marcus Troy and Pro Hip Hop have outed him on stealing other bloggers’ posts without attribution.

Kanye then slammed Troy as a publicity seeker for stating West has someone else writing his blog for him. Pro Hip Hop also stated Kanye could not possibly be writing his own blog, as it wouldn’t leave time for much else.

I wondered about that as well for this reason. The few times I visited Kanye’s blog, I noticed it has a lot of items on it and is frequently updated throughout the day.

For someone who is always out performing or at fashion shows, it’s a bit difficult to update a site that frequently, unless you are a multitasker, who is very diligent, and that Kanye is not. Kanye is getting help. There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t lie about it.

Kanye West Ghost Blogger Controversy Timeline

I kept up with Kanye West’s blog until I realized that whoever was doing the blogging was jacking design photos and not linking out or giving anybody any credit.

Now that the Ghost Blogger “controversy” has reared its head, I took another look and they’re at least giving out more names and information than before, so I’m really glad to see that though linking out would be a nice gesture.

That said, nobody who actually blogs on a daily basis ever believed that Kanye West was doing all the blogging. But suddenly it’s a topic of conversation because Kanye posted on the topic.

Kanye West Ghost Blogging Controversy Timeline:

Marcus Troy says Kanye has a ghost blogger and offers such services to other celebrities.

Sandra Rose claims Marcus is Kanye’s ghost blogger and creates a graphic featuring Kanye facing Marcus.

[via Fake Shore Drive whose services are also available]

Kanye defends his honor with photos revealing that he can lean over a computer, focus his eyes in the direction of the screen and gently touch the keyboard.

In typical Team Kanye blogging fashion, he also jacks the graphic from Sandra Rose without attribution, doesn’t link out to anybody and doesn’t provide real evidence of anything relevant other than the fact that he or somebody on his team reads Sandra Rose.

Note: Marcus did not claim to be Kanye’s ghost blogger. Sandra said he was and then Kanye may have misread things, though it’s hard to tell when he just rants and leaves, but he seems to be implying to some in his post that Marcus was claiming to be Kanye’s ghost blogger to get attention.

But Kanye don’t have time to pay attention to the details! He’s too busy blogging!! LOL!!!

Which brings up the only question I have.

Who takes all those pictures of Kanye on his blog?

[And how do they sleep at night?]


Kanye West’s Blog Team Are Jackers

I was checking out Kanye West’s blog, to which you can find a link here, and it’s so full of material taken from other blogs and websites without links or attribution it’s not even funny.

If you guys like that stuff so much why don’t you credit the folks that turned you on to it?

Lame-a** jackers.



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