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French People Protest Jolie-Pitts Special Treatment

August 12, 2008

Jennifer Aniston Fans, I See (Joking)

American actress Angelina Jolie’s late mother was French

People in Nice, France protested the special treatment and media attention given to Angelina Jolie and her adulterous boyfriend Brad Pitt, during the birth of their two children.

Local residents complained that their arrival and stay has been given more press than the case of a local murder victim.

Protests occurred outside the Lenval hospital where Jolie gave birth

You know the mayor is having a Maalox moment. I do hope the case of the murder victim gets solved, as every life is very important.

Birth of Jolie-Pitt twins sparks protests

The birth of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s twins has sparked fierce protests in Nice, France – because the news has overshadowed a high profile murder case.

Protestors began picketing outside of the Fondation Lenval hospital this week, where the twins were born on July 12th.

Nice residents are upset the mayor has failed to address the case of a local murder victim in lieu of celebrating the American movie stars and their new additions.



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