Fox News: Jesse Called Obama “Half Breed Nig*er”

August 12, 2008

Bill Clinton to Jesse Jackson: I want to cut him too (*this web site does not advocate violence)

A Fox News anchor and the Daily Kos web site are reporting that Jesse Jackson called Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama a “half breed nig*er.” Mr. Jackson has not responded to these allegations.

Jesse: change we can believe in cut off

As a person from a family of mixed Negros I’m gonna go there. That statement coming from Jesse would be really rich. Jesse looks like a “half breed” himself, so that would be truly ironic (that hair is not a perm Jesse, just where do you think it came from). Frankly, if I didn’t know which one was half white and you asked me which of the two was the mixed one, I’d say Jesse.

Two mixed Negros: Obama (left) and Jesse Jackson (right)

That’s right Jesse. If your name wasn’t Jesse Jackson, Homeland Security would be Osama Bin Laden-ing you everytime you roll through the airport. You’d be in a special room, facing a full body search, plastic probe gloves and all.

While the Democrats fight (again) John McCain is feeling so confident he’s taking the weekends off (look at that grin).

Sidebar regarding the Daily Kos: you guys really ought to fix that “K” in your logo and make it look more like a “K” because at first glance it looks like an “H.” I’m just saying…:

What Jesse really Said About “F*ckin Nig*er?”

Jesse Jackson called Obama a “Ni**er and a half breed” & F*ckin half breed Ni**er

(amongst other terrible things) on Fox TV last week, according to James Mtume, co-host (along with fellow co-host Bob Slade, Judge Bob Pickett, and guest Felipe Luciano) of the Open Line Show on WRKS, KISS FM in NYC, at 10:20am Sunday morning.

Yes! That’s what he reported!

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