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Usher Wants His Mommy Back

July 30, 2008

Cue Sound Of Baby Crying

Usher: this is so not funny!

This is a follow up to my June 12, 2008 article titled Usher’s Fans Repay His Disloyalty. This week, folks in my site stats the New York Daily News New York Daily Snooze, as the New York Post calls them, poached my article about Usher’s sales drop and that it was not due to industry sales being down, as artist Lil’ Wayne debuted with over a million copies sold of his CD, in the week proceeding Usher’s massive underperformance.

No one had commented on the sales decline – all the press touted was that Usher went #1 again with his new CD “Here I Stand.”

Usher and his son Usher jr. What a handsome, gorgeous little baby…which leads me to believe Usher and Tameka adopted him (just teasing about the adoption part).

However, remembering how he’d told off his fans, which I had written about last year and warned him if he didn’t shut it, he would lose sales when the new CD came out, which is what ultimately ended up happening a year later, I decided to comment on “Here I Stand” selling 650,000 less copies in the first week of release, than his previous CD “Confessions” (Confessions sold 1.1 million the first week on the shelves).

However, the New York Daily News added a twist. They claim Usher is “livid” which I don’t doubt, is blaming his label and that he fired everyone and wants to rehire his mommy. That, I can’t confirm, cause, well, I don’t know the negro.

Usher’s wife Tameka

Once again, serves you right for telling off your fans. It’s not their fault they got confused and thought you married a man. She acts like one. She acts like she is your husband. Not to mention, she left hers for you.

Usher with Tameka and her kids

Therefore, stop blaming everyone under the sun for your massive sales decline. You are to blame.

Usher mulling return of mom-ager Jonetta Patton

Monday, July 7th 2008, 4:00 AM – But now that Usher’s new album has been slow off the mark, he’s blaming Medina, say sources. True, the CD, “Here I Stand,” debuted at number one. But Usher is said to have been disappointed that it sold 433,000 in its first week, compared with his last CD, 2004’s “Confessions,” which had sales of 1.1 million in its first seven days.

Medina, who’s an expert at holding artists’ hands, reassured Usher that his latest sales were nothing to be ashamed of, considering the current climate of the record business. But then, three weeks later, Lil Wayne’s album, “Tha Carter III,” sold more than one million copies its first week out.

“Usher was livid!,” claims an insider. “He threatened to fire everyone.”



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