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President Bush’s Error Laden Speech

July 30, 2008

Really, Even Bin Laden Speaks Better English

The President pouting

Did any of you catch President Bush’s speech this morning, right after stocks on Wall Street tumbled like Paris Hilton running from the paparazzi (I don’t get it, Paris, why land on your chin and not your feet – that’s not what the chin is for).

The president’s speech was strewn with excuses, errors, mispronunciations, backtracking and lies. He tried to explain the terrible state of the economy and the war, but couldn’t. Well, that’s because the war is a lose, lose situation and the Stimulus package failed to make a dent in the economy.

You’ve got millions of people all over the nation that lost tens of thousands of dollars when their mortgages ballooned, went into foreclosure and they were evicted, after years of home ownership and payments. Not to mention, others that lost money in the stock market.

Bubba Clinton is a horny toad that would make a rabbit proud, but he did not leave the country financially devastated, just morally bankrupt. You’re welcome Bubba.

For them, getting the Stimulus check was probably, “Oh look, I lost $100,000 when I lost my home, but the president sent me $300 bucks. I’m rich! Not.”

When a reporter asked him about a second Stimulus package, deeming the first one a failure, the President looked like he wanted the earth to open up and swallow him. You saw the panic on his face.

But wait, there’s more. Next the president said of the terrorists, “They have no disregard for human life.” What? Even Bin Laden knew that was the wrong word. Dude, probably didn’t even need a translator in his cave for that one.

The president also apologized for gas prices being higher than Lindsay Lohan (not in those words of course). Well, that’s your fault. If you had been truthful about what you were really doing in the war, which is basically oil drilling, none of this would have happened.

You’ve financially set up your cronies and that of the vice president, quite nicely for life, on billions of taxpayer dollars for the war, which was really an oil drilling expedition, and with contracts for rebuilding a country, Iraq, that you destroyed. Also, where’s the millions of missing barrels of Iraqi oil, reported on in the press.

Now you’re on TV with a sinking expression, realizing just where you are going to end up in world history, after just about tanking what was the #1 economy in the world.

It takes a tremendous level of negligence, incompetence, arrogance and financial mismanagement to wreck a nation of America’s size and former wealth. But you did. You’ve devalued this country. A nation that was in the black is now in the red.

You were repeatedly warned by numerous, credible analysts and highly intelligent people, that the country was headed for financial disaster, but being the stiff-necked person you are, didn’t listen. Because your eyes are on the prize – oil. Your daddy should have named you Oily Bush, because you are obsessed with it.

In closing, why should a nation of 300,000,000 plus people suffer and a foreign nation be destroyed, so a few hundred people in your inner circle of friends and associates can get really rich, off of what are essentially war crimes.

They ought to try you in a court of law, seize all your stuff, liquate it and put it in the U.S. treasury for the American people, for the massive havoc you’ve wreaked.

Why should you have a home when millions of Americans and displaced Iraqis don’t, because you let your friends in the banking industry gouge the nation, while your cronies robbed the taxpayers left right and center (there are billions of dollars missing in taxpayer money that was supposed to go to rebuilding Iraq). You should have to leave office and live with your parents after raping two nations, America and Iraq.

Mr. President, you wonder why other oil rich nations are gouging you on oil prices – it’s because they’ve watch you pillage Iraq, also known as war crimes, and are returning the favor. Think about that over your next beer or two or three, Mr. Busch.

Stocks drop again amid fears about financials

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NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks were knocked lower again Tuesday as investors grappled with escalating instability in the financial sector and sobering comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. The Dow Jones industrial average fell about 200 points.



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