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Megan Fox Puts Engagement On Hold

July 30, 2008

…Also Known As Calling It Off

Megan Fox

“Transformers” actress Megan Fox, 22, and “90210” actor Brian Austin Green, 34, have been a coupe for 3 years. They live together in the San Fernando Valley and announced their engagement a few months ago. News surfaced today that she put the engagement on hold also known as calling it off.

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox

Many state it was bound to happen. Let me explain this story in Hollywood speak. She is very pretty and apart of a blockbuster movie franchise the “Transformers.” So she is very much in demand right now.

Megan out this week with no engagement ring on her finger

While he is attractive, had a big hit show 10 years ago and has a moderately successful one now in the “Terminator” television series, his career has stalled somewhat, which jaded Hollywood takes points away for. She is also making far more money than he is.

Do I think this way about people? No, but it is Hollywood and that’s how that town thinks and operates. Women are more sensitive than men and usually don’t care about age differences or income disparities.

However, men and especially those in Hollywood are very vain and narcissistic. The older woman/younger man pairing, with 10 or 20 year age differences, is usually out of the question, unless they are brainwashed *looks at A-Rod.*

Many are saying she’s very pretty, so it’s all downhill from here, David. Just kidding. He could be a nice guy for all I know, but he’s most likely not naïve, as he’s been in Hollywood for a decade and knows the mindset.

Maybe she did feel she is too young to get married as some are saying or maybe she simply changed her mind. However, he is saying the split is not true, but that’s not what’s coming from her side.

Green said to TV Guide, “We’re solid. We’ve lived together for three years. We have tattoos of each other’s names.” Tattoos are a bad idea (some religions forbid it). Skin looks so much better without them.

Not to mention, tattooing someone’s name on you can prove upsetting and demoralizing for a future spouse, especially if you do what Megan did and tattooed your privates.

Which brings me to my point, years ago people would sue for “Breach of Promise” if you broke off an engagement. Some still do. However, I don’t think that will happen here.

Either way, Hollywood as a whole, should value marriage more and wait to cohabit until such time.


TRANSFORMERS star MEGAN FOX has reportedly called off her engagement to actor fiance BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN.

Sources claim the pretty brunette, 22, sent business associates correspondence last week (beg23Jun08) alerting them to the sad news.
An insider says, “Megan still cares about Brian, but she now realises she’s too young to marry him.”


“I have five. Anytime I have a feeling about anything, I get tattooed. I have a poem I wrote on my ribcage and a symbol for strength on my neck, and my boyfriend Brian’s name tattooed next to my p*e.”



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