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July 30, 2008

A-Rod’s Sister In Law: Madonna Is Probably Capable Of Anything

Madonna To Lawyers For A-Rod’s Wife: Shut Up!

Madonna Sales Still In the Toilet In Spite Of Massive Publicity

Lenny Kravtiz Fires Mutual Manager

The family of baseball star Alex Rodriguez’s wife is saddened at the breakdown of his marriage, thanks to that madwoman Madonna, who has ruined his life.

Madonna set her sights on the young, married baseball player and brainwashed him with Kabbalah into abandoning his wife and two small children.

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail

His wife Cynthia Rodriguez filed for divorce this week and is seeking fully custody of their two small children. She is also challenging their prenup, which would make her eligible for $225 million dollars or more, if you figure in his endorsements, on top of his $450 million in paid and promised salary (baseball contracts).

His mother-in-law, Evangeline Scurtis, stated, “I’m not mad at him, I’m sad for him. Alex has been a member of our family for 13 years. They’re both our children, and I’m sad for both of them.”

His sister in law stated regarding the Madonna brainwashing claims that have surfaced from A-Rod’s wife, who is a psychologist, and separately his former trainer, who went out for a walk together today, “I don’t know, but she’s probably capable of anything.” Indeed. That she is.

The home wrecking harlot is said to be fuming over statements from Cynthia Rodriguez’s lawyer that has provoked widespread public condemnation of her all over the internet:

“The correct analysis is a relationship. Some people categorise an affair as sexual infidelity. We’re not claiming that – it’s an affair of the heart. Cynthia has tolerated a lot of misconduct, but this one was the final straw. Having Madonna sit in his box at baseball games, and the Kabbalah meetings that have taken place. It’s like an open forum. It’s just short of embarrassing if nothing else.”

Madonna Misses Mark

Madonna clearly doesn’t care about her family’s feelings

All this publicity failed to scare up sales, as one week later, her CD “Hard Candy” slid further down the charts,dropping 10 places, selling less than 10,000 copies for the week, which is very poor. According to Fox News, there are also plenty of tickets left to her tour that’s not doing well.

This visibility in this scandal did nothing for her. She was arrogant and out of order to plop her backside in his box for all to see with the rumors that were going around. I guess she was showing his wife who is boss, but all she managed to do was turn the public against herself.

The public generally doesn’t show sympathy for others when they break up a family, especially one with small children. She ought to Google herself and take a look at the things that are being said. The publicity blitz failed.

Lenny Kravtiz

An ex-boyfriend of Madonna’s, Lenny Kravtiz, who she was also named as a reason behind his split from then wife, Lisa Bonet, fired their mutual manager, Kabbalah cult member Guy Oseary, for dragging his name into the story.

Meanwhile, this week, Madonna is reportedly going to attend a party for A-Rod at Jay-Z’s den of iniquity the 40/40 club. Birds of a feather

Madonna would do well to remember, “Pride comes before a fall” and “What God has put together let no man pull apart.” No good will come from this madness she has done.


MADONNA is refusing to let her latest romance scandal upset her social calendar – she has RSVP’d to attend a party hosted by baseball star ALEX RODRIGUEZ next week (14Jul08).

According to insiders, the pop superstar has confirmed she will be attending the New York Yankees star’s 2008 Major League AllStar Game party at Jay-Z’s 40/40 club in the Big Apple.

Madonna wants them to ‘shut up’

A source involved with the divorce told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “Madonna is outraged. She told his wife Cynthia’s lawyers not to make any more statements about her – in short, shut up.”

Kravitz, Cynthia Rodriguez and Romero were all in Kravitz’s tour bus when the reports broke in Paris. “Lenny looked like he was going to throw up,” Romero told the Post. “Lenny said, ‘I worked so hard to clean up my image and now I’m gonna get dragged into this.’ ”

The trio planned to fly to Spain to meet up with Denzel Washington, whom Romero also trains, but canceled when Kravitz’s alleged tryst made news. The group agreed it was best for Cynthia to instead head back to Miami to “sort out the mess.”

A rep for Kravitz confirmed he dumped Oseary two weeks ago.

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