A-Rod’s Wife’s Lawyers Request Wiretap Documents

July 30, 2008

In sentiments echoed by others whose lives have been invasively and illegally intruded upon by the Kabbalah Center and its members, Cynthia Rodriguez, wife of athlete A-Rod, through her lawyers, filed a motion in a Miami court yesterday, demanding full disclosure of all surveillance activities that took place regarding her, such as wiretapping.

Wiretapping, hacking and shadowing people are prominent harassment and invasion of privacy tactics utilized by the Kabbalah cult to gain an undue advantage in court, financial disputes and to brainwash its members into thinking they have some superior spiritual power to see the unseen and know all things.

They contract out the invasive methods to private investigators and computer specialists, seeking dirt on law abiding people they target for financial gain or to sway to their corrupt way of thinking.

This is standard operating procedure in Kabbalah. Whether or not they will release the surveillance items to Cynthia’s lawyers or bribe the judge so they don’t have to remains to be seen, as wiretapping is a jail worthy felony, but it is safe to assume they inappropriately delved into her life, as they have done to other targets with significant assets.

According to family and friends, A-Rod has been acting strangely under the influence of the sick Kabbalah cult and its devilish figurehead, Madonna, to the point many in his inner circle have spoken out about the brainwashing. Madonna should be very embarrassed, as her own conduct is pathetic – she’s humiliated herself.

It should be noted, the mere fact that Madonna became so obsessed with A-Rod to the point she literally “brainwashed him” into abandoning his own family, says she probably invaded his privacy as well and duped him into thinking she is his “soulmate” as the press wrote.

In actuality, if you read someone’s private emails without permission and eavesdrop on their personal calls, at some point you will find out their private thoughts and feelings.

For example, he’s telling his wife, friend or a teammate what he likes most in a woman or friend, what he wants out of life, his dreams and aspirations, his thoughts and fears…and you being the pervert you are, eavesdropping on those calls and emails, would learn enough to dupe him into thinking you’re something you’re not, by telling him exactly what he wants to hear in great detail or using those items against him.

It would be quite easy to prey on someone who doesn’t suspect the surveillance, via regurgitating that private information at them, making them think you are their soulmate, when in actuality you are a deceitful, depraved, used up, thieving, lip syncing harlot pretending to be a singer.

While, I do believe people have soulmates, another person God intends for one to be with, I certainly don’t believe Madonna and A-Rod are that. God doesn’t break up families. He’s more suited to his wife.

Furthermore, brainwashing people is quite dangerous. These Kabbalah mind control techniques, previously utilized by other sick cultists such as Jim Jones and Charles Manson, can have very adverse effects.

It should be noted, visitors to the Kabbalah Center have a meal of hummus, among other items, and who knows what’s really in that and the effect it’s having on people, to get them that brainwashed that fast. It wouldn’t be the first time a cult did something like that.

“Cleaning Out Your Vessel” Or “Cleaning Out Your Wallet”

The Kabbalah practice of “Cleaning out your vessel” isn’t ridding yourself of negativity – it’s actually brainwashing, making you susceptible to their suggestions and beholden to their will, so they can proceed with “Cleaning out your wallet.” They’ve done this to several people, as reported in the British press, fleecing them out of millions, then kicking them out of the cult.

The devil from the film the Passion of the Christ (left) and the devil incarnate from hell (right)

C-Rod to A-Rod: So, Did You Wiretap Me?

Cynthia Rodriguez wants to know everything about A-Rod’s finances, and also if he’s into wiretapping and putting private detectives on her.

In court documents filed in Miami last week…

Now here’s the juicy part. Cynthia wants “Any reports you have received from a detective, investigator or any other person based upon surveillance of your spouse.” And, she wants “all tape recordings and other evidence prepared from tape recordings made in connection with any wiretapping or other electronic surveillance conducted by you or others on your behalf.”

She also wants “all electronic evidence … contained in all computers to which you have access” over the last three years. The demand includes iPhones, Sidekicks and BlackBerries.



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