A-Rod Stripper Arrested

July 30, 2008

Mistress “Locked Up” Like Akon

No, Not Madonna…Another Bimbo

Cynthia and Alex Rodriguez are going through a well publicized divorce thanks to madwoman Madonna

A stripper, Candice Houlihan, who did a tell all about an affair with baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, was arrested on outstanding warrants from 2004. She has now made bail.

Candice Houlihan

She is now claiming the warrants were for petit legal infractions, which most people don’t get arrested for, but she mysteriously was, because of the tell all she did on Rodriguez, who is a member of the Kabbalah cult.

Hey, the Kabbalah cult can be very vindictive and utilizes terrible harassment tactics they learned from criminals. Their private investigator and Madonna’s, Anthony Pellicano, was found guilty of bribing cops, illegal wiretapping and racketeering, all apart of his criminal enterprise.

Police Investigate Arrest Of A-Rod’s Mistress

Woman Says Troopers Targeted Her After Affair Went Public – POSTED: 4:27 pm EDT July 12, 2008 – BOSTON — State police have launched an investigation into what prompted troopers to arrest an ex-stripper who was romantically involved with baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

The woman, Candice Houlihan, 32, of Reading, Mass., is an unemployed hairdresser whose entanglement with the Yankees slugger grabbed the media spotlight last week, following reports that Rodriguez’s wife had filed for a divorce.

A warrant for Houlihan’s arrest was issued in 2004 after she failed to appear in court for charges of owning an uninsured and unregistered motor vehicle. According to the Massachusetts RMV, Houlihan also had several other minor infractions on her record dating back to 1997, including three surchargeable accidents, two speeding citations and parking and excise tickets.

Shortly after the news of her two-night stand with A-Rod became public, Houlihan was apprehended by state troopers waiting at her home in unmarked police vehicles, according to the Boston Herald. She served one night in jail at the Danvers police barracks before her father paid the $100 bond fee to release her.



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