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Teens Having Sex To Get Record Deals

July 25, 2008

Chris Brown

For months it has been said that then 16-year-old teen singer, Chris Brown, was having sex with his 40 plus year old manager, who got him his record deal. Not much has been said by either party to refute the claims. Brown is now 18-years old.

Chris Brown

Brown has risen to fame on a series of average sounding songs with his main appeal with audiences resting in exploiting his sexuality via raunchy dance routines.


Rumors have also traveled in the industry about singer Rihanna, who was signed to Def Jam records at age 17, by philandering 40-year-old rapper Jay-Z.


Rapper Jay-Z has a detailed history of misogyny, assault and financial fraud, having started his label Rockafella records on drug money.

Teairra Mari

Media reports surfaced of Jay-Z and Rihanna having candlelit suppers at Cipriani’s in New York (who is under criminal investigation by the way for liquor law/license violations) and separately spending hours alone together in a private room at the rapper’s 40/40 club, while his girlfriend was away.

Teairra Mari

Similar rumors also abound in the industry regarding another of Jay-Z’s former protégés he signed, Teairra Mari. She was 16-years-old at the time. After poor sales, she was let go from the label in 2006.

Reshonda Landfair (front right) is now in her 20’s and refused to testify at trial after being paid off

With the R. Kelly child pornography trial and accompanying claims the R&B singer was having sex with a 13-year-old girl, Reshonda Landfair, who he got a record deal for with the group, 4 The Cause, what is this disturbing trend of young teen stars engaging in underage sex for record deals.


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