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Psychologist Names Christie Brinkley Better Parent

July 25, 2008

P-Diddy And Cook Mistress Reportedly Had Fling

NOTE 7-9-08: The 7-8-08 Christie Brinkley article Psychologist Names Christie Brinkley Better Parent has been updated, as it was pointing to the wrong article link last night when it should have referenced previous article Christie Trial On The Brink not Mistress Of Christie Brinkley’s Husband Made CD

This is a follow up to my July 3, 2008 article Christie Trial On The Brink where I wrote Brinkley should get custody, as her husband has bad judgment.

Christie Brinkley

Today, a court appointed psychologist has testified in their divorce trial that Christie Brinkley is the better parent, choosing her over husband Peter Cook.

Peter Cook

I agree with the psychologist’s assessment in this case, as Peter Cook is making very reckless, harmful choices that are not in his children’s best interest.

Diana Bianchi

Reports also surfaced recently that Peter Cook’s mistress Diana Bianchi had an affair with rapper Sean Combs A/K/A P. Diddy.

Sean Combs

This marks the 1,234,567 relationship for P-Diddy. *Cough* Puffy is such a bimbo himbo.

NY psychologist: Brinkley should get custody

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. (AP) — A court-appointed psychologist says Christie Brinkley should get custody of her two youngest children.

The psychologist says shared custody “is not at all a viable option.” Trial testimony has detailed Cook’s affair with a teenager and his online sex activities.



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