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Obama’s Plane Has Mechanical Failure

July 25, 2008

Barack Obama, journalists and the Secret Service on plane during incident

A plane carrying Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama, had to make an emergency landing after it was discovered the aircraft was malfunctioning.

This is the third such Obama plane related incident over the last several months during this campaign. Once can be labeled a coincidence, but three times. Why does this keep happening.

In unrelated news, runner up Hillary Clinton, was seen loitering around the plane before take off, with a wrench in her hand. Ok, just kidding about the Hillary part, but Obama’s plane has malfunctioned once again:

Obama’s plane makes unexpected landing due to mechanical problem

WASHINGTON — A plane carrying US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama made an unexpected but safe landing in St. Louis, Missouri on Monday due to a mechanical problem.

The snag was detected about one hour after the plane took off from Chicago for Charlotte, North Carolina, Fox News reported.

The aircraft, an MD-80 Midwest charter, experienced a problem with the pitch, or control over the nose of the plane, the pilot said



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