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N. Korea Begins Dismantling Nuclear Program

July 25, 2008

N. Korea Begins Dismantling Nuclear Program

North Korea is engaging in disarmament talks with America and as a symbol of their intentions, destroyed a component of their nuclear program. It’s a beginning and hopefully the talks will continue to be fruitful.

North Korea’s economy has been struggling, but further diplomatic talks could lead to good things in enabling them to adequately feed their people.

SEOUL — North Korea said Friday it won’t take further steps to dismantle its nuclear program until the U.S. and its other negotiating partners award fuel oil and political benefits promised under an aid-for-disarmament deal.

The North Korean Foreign Ministry said in a statement it has disabled 80% of its main nuclear complex, but countries involved in six-nation disarmament talks have only made 40% of the energy shipments promised to the North.



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