McCain’s Mental State

July 25, 2008

John McCain

After watching George Bush in action these last few years, I am a firm believer that world leaders should be subjected to mental exams. Don’t laugh, I’m serious.

Based on published interviews, John McCain still has some hostility towards Asians, over the 5 ½ years he spent being tortured as a P.O.W.

John McCain and his wife Cindy

America is at such a delicate place in world history due to all the damage George Bush has caused, via the war in Iraq, and various international leaders and diplomats he enraged with his deeds, statements and snubs. Therefore, next president will need to be someone that can calm down international hostility, not further inflame them.

The next president will need to be a fence mender. A name restorer. A person of peace. Given the regrettable things that happened to McCain, is he up to that task.

What is his mental state after the terrible psychological and physical damage that was inflicted upon him. What is his temper like. These are very important questions, because with the current state of the world, with war and nuclear conflicts raging, how would he handle that.

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