BBC Lists Candidates Flip Flops

July 25, 2008

No, Not The Slippers

Barack Obama (Democrat – pictured left…and left wing) and John McCain (Republican – pictured right…and right wing). Get the joke.

The BBC has made a list of the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign nominees’ platforms and how they’ve flip flopped on various issues:

US candidates practise their U-turns

In order to pass their political driving test, successful politicians need to be masters of one tricky manoeuvre in particular – the U-turn.

The contenders in this year’s US presidential election are no exceptions – both John McCain and Barack Obama have engaged in some nifty repositioning.

Mr McCain’s U-turns have mostly increased his appeal to the Republican Party’s base, placing him on a rightward trajectory.

Barack Obama has been performing a more traditional manoeuvre: running to the left during the primaries, when party activists need to be wooed, then shifting to the centre once the nomination is clinched.

Flip-flopping politicians will always attract charges of hypocrisy and opportunism: it may be worth it if it helps them win over undecided voters in the middle, but when the goal is to shore up their political base, the benefits are much less clear.

Here are some examples…

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