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Prince William’s Team Seized 2K Pounds Of Cocaine

July 14, 2008

Oh Well, There Goes Lindsay Lohan’s Supply For The Month Of July

Prince William

Britain’s Prince William and his crew on the HMS Iron Duke seized 2,000 pounds of cocaine in the Caribbean, off the coast of Barbados. The street value of the drugs is said to be $80 million dollars.

I have to say, these drug smugglers are not the brightest crayons in the box. It was announced a few weeks ago that the British Navy would be patrolling the Caribbean looking for drug smugglers.

HMS Iron Duke

In unrelated news, in Los Angeles, one time actress Lindsay Lohan was heard crying and wailing in loud shrieks “My shipment is gone” “why!” “why!” “whyyyy!”

Lindsay Lohan’s stash is gone! (LOL)

On a personal note, my great-great granddad was in the British Navy. Does it have any relevance to this story? No, not really, but it’s my web site and I can write whatever I want to on it!

Prince William plays key role in Royal Navy’s £40 million cocaine bust

Prince William was part of a Royal Navy helicopter crew that took part in a dramatic £40 million cocaine seizure from drug runners in the Caribbean.

The ship which Prince William is serving aboard, the HMS Iron Duke, intercepts a speedboat northeast of Barbados.



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