Poll: Obama And McCain Still In Dead Heat

July 14, 2008

…And I’m Not Talking About The Current California Weather

Presidential Race Still Tied

Barack Obama (Democrat)

While, the candidates in the 2008 U.S. presidential election continue to talk to the press and the public, making their respective bids for office, the race remains in a dead heat.

Both candidates have different things going for them. Obama represents the potential restoration of America’s name in the world, which has been severe damaged by President George W. Bush, to levels many never knew possible. People in several countries like Obama.

John McCain (Republican)

John McCain’s image as a P.O.W. has helped him nationally with his contingent, who see him as a symbol of stronger national security.

They both carry appeal for different segments of the country and it is ultimately the American people that will decide who gets the grand prize.

But I have to be frank, it is going to be a horrendous task fixing the mess that George W. Bush is leaving behind. It will be the presidential Exxon-Valdez of clean ups.

Sometimes I look at the economy and think how could one man do so much damage. It is very lamentable what’s happened. The current Congress shall also be looked upon by historians as a class of graduates that failed the nation when it needed them most. Still no real help for homeowners, terrible gas prices and poor insurance and healthcare.

CNN poll: Obama, McCain in a statistical dead heat

Tue July 1, 2008 – (CNN) — With the dust having finally settled after the prolonged Democratic presidential primary, a new poll shows Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama locked in a statistical dead heat in the race for the White House.

A poll of registered voters out Tuesday shows Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain in a statistical tie.



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