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Newspapers: Jay-Z Cheating On Wife

July 14, 2008


Several papers and web sites in London have been reporting that married rapper Jay-Z was hitting on two 18-year-old models, whose telephone numbers he sent an assistant to get.

It’s funny, about two years ago, a magazine reported he left a club with two models while his girlfriend was filming in Los Angeles. A pattern, I see.

Oh, the industry way, that is. The man could be as old as dirt, one foot in the grave, and still trying to sleep with an 18-year-old. Not a good look. Age appropriate should be the order of the day. No one can be 18 forever.

Meanwhile, guest of honour Jay-Z, who married pop star Beyoncé earlier this year, appeared to be struggling to let go of his bachelor lifestyle at the event to launch champagne Armand De Brignac.

Noticing two young models during the party, Jay-Z ordered ‘his people’ to ask for their phone numbers.

A attractive 18-year-old model said: ‘It was really weird. I was with him soon after the private club at the back of the venue opened up and we were all drinking the gorgeous champagne. It was really packed in there, but I was on his table so we were drinking all night.

‘At one point in the evening, he turned to me and said, “I want to get to know you better”. Then he got one of his assistants to come over to me and get my number. But as he left he didn’t really say much to me and then he walked on.’

He then approached another woman, who said: ‘His assistant asked for my number. I was so shocked. It’s not often you’ll get someone of his status trying to talk to you in that way.’



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