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Mistress Of Christie Brinkley’s Husband Made CD

July 14, 2008

Christie Brinkley and her attorney

Diana Bianchi, the mistress of Christie Brinkley’s husband, Peter Cook, that destroyed the supermodel’s marriage, isn’t innocent by any means.

When word of their affair broke she pretended to be a young woman who was taken advantage of by Cook. I never bought that, as she kept grinning in the interviews.

Diana Bianchi

Not to mention, he had given her hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep quiet. Then when the story broke anyway, she promptly used the exposure to record an album, it was revealed.

Peter Cook

Now, I’m not saying she is not to have a life and career, as God can forgive all involved if they ask, but don’t pretend you are the victim.

The only victims in that case are Christie Brinkley and her kids, who are going to need a lot of love and support to get through what they experienced and the press that came with it.


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