Madonna’s Miserable Marriage

July 14, 2008

Madonna Seen Out Scowling

They look so happy…not! (Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail)

For all Madonna‘s claims through her lying publicist, Liz Rosenberg, that her marriage is in tip top shape, why the constant stream of placed articles about her and affairs with significantly younger men like Alex Rodriguez and Justin Timberlake, that are unintentionally hilarious. Is it supposed to make her husband Guy Ritchie jealous since people know he’s been actively having sex with other women.

To add to her troubles, Madonna’s leaving Warner Music on a terrible, sour note, with her last CD for the label “Hard Candy” having completely flopped and her tour scraping forward with poor sales.

News of her husband cheating on her clearly floored her. She likes to sow chaos and wreak havoc in other people’s lives, but when hers hits the skids, she starts moping around New York with a devastated expression on her face.

She’s wrecked other people’s marriages in sleeping with their husbands, starting when she was 15 years old. Therefore, why is she surprised and upset all of a sudden now that it’s happened to her. Not to mention, Ritchie has been ogling his friends’ wives and girlfriends.

The story Madonna placed on TMZ regarding having an affair with baseball player Alex Rodriguez, then denying it after, in standard Hollywood fashion, was for publicity.

It was also funny and unbelievable at the same time, because A-Rod only likes chicks (get the joke).

Clearly she didn’t slip TMZ enough money, because they went on to discredit her publicist in another entry, when the excessive posts regarding her, clogged up their front page and received bad feedback from the public.

Guy Ritchie married her because of her fame and money she made from stealing copyrights. Now with her money dwindling from years of excessive spending and her fame fading (see poor record and tour sales) he let the mask slip.

Not to mention, had he stuck with a normal woman instead of marrying nutty Madonna, his life wouldn’t have turned out so messed up. He could have continued his career and made money from films. However, many say Madonna killed his career. She’s not an actress. She’s a box office punch line.

His debut film made him popular in Britain and Europe, then Madonna showed up, trapped him into marriage via pregnancy, stole him from his girlfriend, then stole the “Swept Away” remake from Vincent D’Onofrio, for which she was sued, in another of her vain, failed attempts at becoming an actress.

Madonna’s liar publicist Liz Rosenberg

Now the public does not take him seriously as a director and he is constantly mocked all over the Internet and in print for trying to make her a film star, via what is commonly referred to as the worst film ever, “Swept Away.” He’s constantly spouting off her Kabbalah foolishness that he is saddled with, for being enough of a sucker to put that mess in a film (“Revolver”).

People, let that be a lesson to you. Never steal someone from someone else and never marry someone because they are rich and or famous, as time can change things quickly and produce reversals of fortune.

Madonna’s Mouthpiece Blows Smoke

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice …

Madonna’s high-powered PR maven, Liz Rosenberg, is shouting from the highest rooftop that Madge and hubby Guy Richie are NOT getting a divorce (despite the mounting evidence to the contrary). Now consider this …

Rewind to August 2006 — responding to reports that Madonna adopted a kid from Malawi, Ms. Rosenberg said Madonna “has not adopted a baby, despite reports that she has.”

That answer would be … FALSE.

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