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Christie Trial On The Brink

July 14, 2008

Supermodel Christie Brinkley Faces Philandering Husband In Court

Christie Brinkley

Supermodel Christie Brinkley is beautiful, but her divorce and child custody trial is not, thanks to her husband Peter Cook. During the trial that is currently being held in a New York courtroom, stories of abuse and carelessness have surfaced, with additional tidbits being revealed that left even Brinkley on the verge of tears.

Cook, now famous for engaging in an affair with a then 18-year-old, Diana Bianchi, who he met in a toy store, hired as a secretary, then had sex with several times, is father to Brinkley’s young children.

Diana Bianchi

He then paid Bianchi $300,000 in hush money that could have gone to his children’s future college education or trust funds.

It has been revealed in court that he visited porn sites and sex swinger sites online, offering to pay women for sex. He also used her 13-year-old son’s name as a disguise at said sites.

Peter Cook

His porn addiction grew to the point that it cost $3,000 per month, with him not chipping in for household bills and expenses anymore.

Brinkley also accused him of manhandling her daughter in their home, forcing her down a flight of stairs, then shoving her head into a bucket of water.

This overall misconduct illustrates he is abusive and has very poor judgment. Therefore, he should not have custody, but visitation. Let the children remain with their mother:

She was paid a salary of around £10,000 to type magazine articles on to the company’s website.

He also left her cash payments in various spots – £250 under the rock outside his office, more behind a painting, and gave her £7,500 to help her purchase a car.

Before their relationship ended in late 2005, they had sex in the office a number of times, and at homes in the Hamptons owned by Miss Brinkley.

During opening arguments at Central Islip Court on New York’s Long Island, Miss Brinkley’s lawyer Stephen Cohen said Cook visited websites devoted to sexual swingers – using their 12-year-old son Jack’s name.

Jack is Miss Brinkley’s son from her third marriage, to property developer Richard Taubma. Cook, her fourth husband, adopted Jack shortly after they wed in 1996.

Mr Cook acknowledged his porn usage and admitted their son Jack caught a glimpse of the adult material by accident in 2006…

He sobbed: ‘He said, “Mom is looking at naked pictures of your girlfriends on the computer.”‘ Mr. Cook claimed his wife sometimes joined him when looking at pornographic material…

She claimed Mr Cook reacted in an angry manner towards her in 2003 when her lengthy shower caused a leak in the kitchen below at the family’s home.

Miss Joel said: ‘He was pushing me down the stairs… I went down in a towel… and the drips were already coming down into the bucket. He shoved my head into a bucket and said, “You clean this up.”‘ …

At the opening yesterday Mr. Cohen called Cook ‘a liar, drunkard and adulterer’ who spent £1,800 a month on porn but failed to contribute to household expenses.



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