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Ralph Nader To Obama: You’re Talking White

July 12, 2008

Oh Yes, He Went There

Barack Obama

In an interview conducted this week, chronic vote splitter, Ralph Nader, who is white, said Obama is “Talking white.” First Imus, now this. What is this? Insult the black people month (LOL).

What exactly was Obama’s platform to be? Instead of what most white politicians proclaim, “Better healthcare, affordable insurance and lower taxes,” what was he to say “Better fried chicken, affordable watermelon and lower Cadillac’s for everyone.”

Obama with grandparents

I have a song I wrote a few years ago titled “You Talk Like A White Girl” in honor of whites and blacks that believe black people are not to speak proper English.

It’s a terrible stereotype that broken English must be the standard for black people and that we are not to think or like things white people do and vice versa. That’s why the races sometimes don’t understand or appreciate each other. We don’t communicate enough and some have very erroneous views of the other (both black and white).

It’s these divisive ideas that encourage and widen the divide between the races. At the end of the day, doesn’t everyone want to be happy, secure a good life for their family and have a career they enjoy. That’s not a black or a white thing. That’s everyone’s thing.

Nader: Obama ‘talking white’

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – Ralph Nader, who is running for president, talks about Barack Obama in his Washington, D.C., office Monday. Nader said Obama should “candidly describe the life of the poor.”

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader accused Sen. Barack Obama, the presumed Democratic Party nominee, of downplaying poverty issues, trying to “talk white” and appealing to “white guilt” during his run for the White House.



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