Race Rears Its Head In U.S. Election Again

July 12, 2008

Vehicle Vandals

A few days ago, confirmed Hillary Clinton supporters vandalized a parked motorcade of Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s vehicles in Orlando, Florida.

They sprayed slurs all over the vehicles. For example, one SUV was sprayed with the words “Obama smokes crack.” Teapot calling the kettle black when everyone knows Bill Clinton “inhaled.”

Obama: Oh well, I guess it’s back to my bike, then.

City Vehicles Vandalized With Political Messages

ORLANDO, Fla. — Racial slurs targeting Barack Obama were discovered spray painted tonight on dozens of city vehicles in Orlando.

The vandalism happened in a City of Orlando parking lot on the corner of south and orange.

Phrases including “Obmama smokes crack” and others phrases with racial slurs were written in blue spray paint on the white city cars and trucks. Other vehicles appeared to have had their gas tanks tampered with.



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