Obama And Hillary Clinton Campaign Together

July 12, 2008

Hillary Buries The Hatchet…Thankfully Not In His Back

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton took her sedative, put on her best smile and campaigned today with Democratic nominee Barack Obama, in the aptly named Unity, New Hampshire.

While, Hillary and Obama are now presenting a united front, Clinton’s supporters are not. As I wrote yesterday, Hillary’s supporters have erected over 100 anti-Obama websites, full of vitriol.

One of the most incendiary sites is called “P.U.M.A” which stands for “Party Unity My As*.” Well, as long as they’re not bitter, then.

Pro-Hillary P.U.M.A. threatening sabotage

Last night, there was a woman on Larry King whose anger was simmering regarding Hillary losing. Girlfriend was angry and struggling to hold it in.

She blamed Hillary’s defeat on sexism, stating Clinton was being mistreated, because she is a woman. However, I believe Obama was subjected to more abuse, via the issue of race coming up so often and sometimes offensively so.

Obama, Clinton embrace, vow to fight in Unity show

Fri Jun 27, 2008 3:39pm EDT – UNITY, New Hampshire (Reuters) – Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton joined forces at a carefully staged campaign rally on Friday, promising to bury the grudges from their bruising presidential nominating fight and work together to put Obama in the White House.



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