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Lindsay Lohan Lip-Syncing

July 12, 2008

Lindsay Lohan

After being busted and booed online during her last CD’s release for pulling a Milli Vanilli on live TV, Madonna’s Kabbalah cult protégé, Lindsay Lohan, has been lip syncing again for her forthcoming album. The first single from the CD was already a rip off of preexisting music and was poorly received much to Lohan’s dismay.

Lindsay Lohan with a mic (LOL). Notice which direction it’s pointing in.

Cigarette loving Lindsay is not a singer. She sounds like Optimus Prime (Optimus Lohan). Sounding like Optimus Prime is only cool IF YOU’RE A MAN!

Optimus Prime (Transformers)

Not to mention, Lohan is hilariously on Motown Records. Blue-eyed soul she is not. More like red-eyed when she is drunk (and repeatedly getting arrested for DUI). Yet, she continues to work on the forthcoming, ill-fated CD that is destined for reduced price bins and life as a coaster.


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