Lawyer: Britney Spears Still Mentally Ill

July 12, 2008

However, She Can See Her Kids More

Britney Spears

A Los Angeles judge has not given Britney Spears control over her financial affairs, leaving her dad, Jamie, as her court appointed conservator. A hearing is scheduled for July 31, 2008.

Another judge, Commissioner Gordon, has decided to give her select overnight visits with her kids, as Spears has been responding decently to court instruction, her father’s leadership and the medication she has been prescribed.

Britney Spears wearing a Madonna t-shirt at the start of her terrible foray into the Kabbalah cult. Madonna got her involved in the sick cult, which is one of the biggest mistakes Spears ever made. It was the beginning of the end for her sanity and career.

It’s still amazing to me what cults like Kabbalah and Scientology do to people. Kabbalah took a once happy young woman, Spears, and through manipulation and mind control, turned her into a raving, psychotic, mentally ill person that will never be her old self again.

sick Scientology frontman actor Tom Cruise

These cults need to be outlawed. All they do is destroy lives, fleece people and render individuals shells of their former selves…like Spears.

Britney Spears ‘not well enough to take control of estate’

Conservatorship court case would be ‘harmful’ to singer

Britney Spears’ lawyer has deemed her unfit to take part in a court case which could grant the singer control of her estate.

Britney Spears granted overnight stays with sons: report

LOS ANGELES (AFP) โ€” Pop star Britney Spears won the right to overnight visits with her two children, it was reported on Tuesday, in a further sign that the troubled star was back on the mend…

Both Spears, 26, and ex-husband Federline, who has primary legal and physical custody of the children, attended the hearing.

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