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Don Does It Again

July 12, 2008

Imus Issues Another Racial Slur

Imus say this out loud: Imust learn to be quiet

With his ratings at lower levels than his previous jaunt, radio shock jock, Don Imus, decided to cause some controversy at the expense of black football player Pacman Jones. He attributed the athlete’s troubles with the law to him being black.

Pacman Jones

When will Imus ever learn. Previously, he caused a national scandal in calling the all black Rutger’s women’s basketball team “Nappy headed ho*s.”

This is not a good way to get ratings. No one should want increased numbers in this manner.

Buzz Links: Don Imus on Pacman Jones–Hear for Yourself

Hey, people are paying attention to Don Imus again!

Though the surprise factor would seem to be low when a radio personality with a history of controversial comments says something inflammatory, Mr. Imus has regained the spotlight.



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