Disharmonious Democrats

July 12, 2008

Campaign Debt Conflict

Clinton Supporters Set Up 100 Anti-Obama Sites

Obama Hill (get it) – Hillary Clinton (left) Barack Obama (right)

According to various reports, the Democrats are not instep with each other due to Hillary Clinton’s massive campaign debt that she ran up.

The Obamas

Angry Hillary Clinton supporters have also set up over 100 anti-Obama web sites. This infighting is going to come at a dear price for the Democrats.

When told of the squabbling John McCain:

just kidding about his reaction


Obama, some loyalists, especially on the Clinton side, are having trouble moving on. Some Clinton supporters are grousing that Mr. Obama has yet to make the symbolic gesture of writing a check for $2,300, the maximum allowable campaign donation, to help retire her debt of over $12 million.”

In addition, the Financial Times says while Clinton has “urged supporters to transfer their loyalties” to Obama, “a highly vocal minority of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters have chosen to ignore her plea altogether. Under the umbrella group, Just Say No Deal, diehard Clintonites have set up more than 100 anti-Obama websites in the last 20 days, most of them boiling with indignation.”

Obama Bounce In Polls May Not Herald Easy Win

The CBS Evening News reported that while Barack Obama has gotten “quite a bounce” in the polls following his primary win, it is no guarantee of success in November. CBS, noting Obama leads of varying sizes in a number of recent surveys, looks at the historical record and says, “Back in July of 1988, Democrat Michael Dukakis was 17 points ahead of Vice President George H. W. Bush. Bush won comfortably. And in mid-June of 1992, Bill Clinton trailed both President Bush and independent candidate Ross Perot. Clinton recovered.”

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