Bill Clinton Finally Endorses Obama

July 12, 2008

Took You Long Enough

Bill Clinton to family: brace yourselves, we may have to vote for this guy.
Little girl: I can’t vote anyway.

The Clintons have finally come around to the Democratic Party’s wishes kicking and screaming and endorsed Barack Obama for president. Bill has endorsed Obama and Hillary has vowed to campaign with him this week.

Instructions for Hillary Clinton while campaigning on the same stage as Obama:

1. you are not to choke the Obama.

2. you are not to put the Obama in a headlock of any kind.

3. you are not to kick the Obama.

4. you are not to call the Obama, “The dream squasher that took the nomination from me.”

5. you are not to scream out at the podium at anytime “It should have been me.”

6. you are not to yell at Michelle Obama for helping her husband beat you in the race, nor are you to call her the “Claire Huxtable reboot that stole my dream.”

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