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The FBI Are Haters

July 8, 2008

Tax Evasion

FBI Director Robert Mueller (you know, a few Crest White Strips wouldn’t hurt)

A person illegitimately tries to avoid paying their taxes and the Feds get all uptight about it. I just don’t get it (LOL). They’re just a bunch of haters! (joking).

Seriously, the FBI is in Switzerland sticking their guns into a Swiss investigation, trying to nab Americans that hid assets abroad in attempts at tax evasion. There are 4 DVDs full of such names in their possession (Americans and other nationals). Be afraid, be very afraid.

FBI ‘to probe Swiss bank UBS’ in tax dodging case

Birkenfeld said he and Staggl as well as other managers, also advised clients to conceal their assets by buying jewels, art and luxury goods using the money in their Swiss accounts and then deposit them in Swiss safety boxes.



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