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Paramount Wants To Drop Tom Cruise From MI4

July 8, 2008

What Will Xenu Say

Katie Holmes and Xenu Tom Cruise

Scientology cult poster boy and baffling psychiatry test case, Tom Cruise, is still in trouble with his former studio Paramount. Though he is ingratiating his way back into the studio, not to the point that they want him as a star, reports revealed.

Today it was claimed that when he inquired about the Mission Impossible 4 movie sequel, Cruise was offered a producing job, as opposed to a starring one. Clearly they figure he would do less damage behind the camera (you give him too much credit – he is after all in Scientology).

Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise and Tom Cruise

The litigious Cruise will not be happy at this news, once it filters through his many appointed Scientology minders, that shield him from little things, like, you know, the real world.

It seems that the Cruise camp recently reached out to Paramount about making Mission: Impossible 4 and got seriously disavowed.

Paramount’s response was to ask whether Cruise would like to produce the film—as in, produce but not star in. And, since he’s contractually guaranteed the right to produce such a film at this point, it wasn’t much of an offer.

This tells us not to read too much into that supposed rapprochement between Cruise and Sumner Redstone. And it suggests that the fighting between Cruise and Paramount studio chief Brad Grey over the deal for M:I3 was a lot more rancorous than we knew at the time.



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