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FBI Parades Execs On Perp Walk

July 8, 2008

Wall Street Execs Arrested By Feds

FBI agents escort handcuffed former Bear Stearns hedge fund managers

The FBI made a big show of locking up two former Bear Stearns hedge fund managers in New York. They’ve been indicted on fraud charges and are being blamed for $1 billion in losses incurred during the U.S. sub prime mortgage crisis, that has brought Wall Street to its knees.

I’m not impressed. Two years ago I might have been, but certainly not now. If the FBI had acted on the tip they received two ears ago, the problem wouldn’t have gotten as ugly as something from Lord of the Rings.

Robert Mueller is bragging about $60 million in recovered assets, when almost a $1 billion dollars in stockholder wealth is gone. Can you not add.

If you had done your job 2 years ago, the public/shareholders would have the other $940 million dollars. Not to mention, all the other former homeowners across the nation that were swindled out of many billions in equity in their homes.

But following FBI headquarters’ policy of protecting the corporation and not the American citizen, you let suspicious behavior go on and on, until one day it all came crashing down in clear sight of everyone.


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