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E.U. Lifts Sanctions On Cuba

July 8, 2008

E.U. Lifts Sanctions On Cuba


The influential and economically strong nations in the European Union have lifted the embargo on Cuba, against the U.S. government’s wishes. In return, Cuba must free all political prisoners and open up the internet, among other things

I think this is a good start that could lead to democracy. You attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

Easing Cuba into positive change with economic and financial rewards, will help to open up the island and create growth. Cuban-American dissidents could see opportunities open up for improving Cuba and their brothers and sisters way of life back home.

On this side of the pond, lifting sanctions has also been endorsed by Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Some may not agree with this change, but I think it is a step in the right direction. Hey, even the Berlin Wall fell and Germany has become a greater nation for it.

The sanctions against Cuba are not working. It only strengthened the Cuban government’s resolve. Each time they draw in their horns and hunker down for the long haul.

Even if you don’t agree with Castro’s politics, Cubans are not bad people, and they deserve the chance to see their island progress and their standard of living improve.

The Cubans I know in Miami are very hard working, industrious people, so I can only image what their counterparts in Cuba could accomplish given the chance.

As I have written before, sanctions always hurt the little people the most. They are the ones that feel the crunch. Because no matter which country in the world you live, the head of state being the nation’s leader, is well taken care of, well fed and living in a government mansion. It’s been that way since Bible times (King David, King Solomon ect.)

Imposing sanctions is not going to hurt the head of state or ruling government, as their medicine cabinets and refrigerators are always well stocked. It’s always the everyday people that feel it.

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe is denying his nation medicine and food in the form of aid from abroad, while he has the best of everything. He is currently celebrating reelection that happened via voter fraud, murder, battery and terrorization of the masses.

Maybe these financial incentives will cause the Cuban government and even the Cuban people, to want to try a new way of life, democracy. If they don’t, at the end of the day, you have to respect their wishes, as it it their country.

Disclaimer for the FBI: I am not a communist *rolls eyes and mumbles* anyone exhibits the least little desire to see people’s lives around the world improve, regardless of where they live, with better health care and a higher standard of living and they are branded a communist or socialist…

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