Bill Clinton: Obama Who?

July 8, 2008

Clinton Snubs Obama In Miami

Bill Clinton: Bubba is not endorsing Obama Jesse Jackson 2.0 for president.

Bubba Bill Clinton and the kinfolk were here in Miami recently and when asked at a mayor’s conference whether or not he would endorse Barack Obama, who thoroughly trounced his wife Hillary for the Democratic presidential nomination, he absolutely refused to answer. Spoiled sport!

Bubba: Hillary for president forever

Mr. Clinton, if you are a true Democrat as you say, you will do what’s best for your party, and not your bruised ego. To blank the question at such an important time in the race, was very unkind and unsupportive of your party.

Barack Obama

Sidebar: you know what truly amazed me about this story – not that Bill was in town and didn’t go to Hooters – but that Bill Clinton was in town and left…and sworn enemy, Miami’s Matt Drudge, is still alive. You are still alive, aren’t you, Matt.

Tell the truth Bill, you weren’t tempted to have the Secret Service beat down Matt?  Even just a little bit…

Matt Drudge

Clinton Ignores Obama Question During Mayor’s Conference

MIAMI — Former President Bill Clinton declined to say when, or if, he would endorse Senator Barack Obama for president, ignoring that question after a speech on his foundation’s climate change initiatives to America’s mayors Sunday. Obama addressed the same conference a day earlier.

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