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Producers To Madonna: Buzz Off We’re Busy

July 5, 2008

Madonna’s Sales Nosedive


Remixers the Freemasons told Madonna to buzz off and they will not be working on her remixes, as they are too busy. Can you say ouch!

Usually, when you are on top in the music industry, writers, producers and remixers will clear their schedules for you. I guess her CD “Hard Candy” bombing doesn’t help.

After only 5 weeks of release, Madonna’s “Hard Candy” CD has plunged down the charts selling 17,156 copies for the week, which is paltry for a major label act. That can’t even pay the payola bill.

Madonna Snubbed By Dance Act

June 18 2008 – Pop superstar MADONNA has been sensationally snubbed by chart-topping DJs FREEMASONS – because they are too busy.


Top Djs Tell Madge To Beat It

Jun 18 2008 – CHART-topping dance duo Freemasons claim their success meant they were forced to say “no” to a Madonna remix.

The duo – whose recent remix of Kelly Rowland’s Work reached No.4 in the UK singles chart – had turned down the chance to work with Madge as they were simply too busy.



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