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ColdPlay Accused Of Ripping Off Indie Band

July 5, 2008

Chris Martin, husband of actress Gwyneth “Kabbalah sucker” Paltrow and lead singer of the pop/AC band Coldplay is being accused of ripping off the music of indie band the Creak boards.

The Creaky Boards performed at the CMJ Music Festival in New York (October 2007), where they saw Chris Martin in the audience. Now they say, one year later, Martin has penned a song titled “Viva La Vida” that sounds an awful lot like their preexisting song “The Songs I Didn’t Write.”

I listened to both songs, played back to back in the above posted video, and I have to concur, they do sound a lot a like. The melody, harmonies and music are almost identical. It sounds like the same music and melody playing on a continuous loop, though it’s two different tunes playing back to back.


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