Bush & Brown

July 5, 2008

Ill-Timed Photo-Ops

On April 2, 2008 in an article titled Bush And Britain I wrote that Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, would have been better off meeting with the U.S. congress instead of George Bush.

Well, he didn’t. He met with Bush in Washington and the photos were subsequently splashed all over the world. Angry British citizens, who overwhelmingly hate the war (I mean, they really hate the war) hit Brown’s party Labour where it hurts, withdrawing their votes and placing them with the opposition.

In May 2008, for the first time in 30 years, a Tory mayor was elected in London and many council seats were lost in the election as well. Brown was devastated.

Yesterday, a slew of new photos of Bush and a nervous looking Brown hit the world press, once again upsetting the British people, who see the president as the author of the ill-fated Iraq war.

You should have told Bush you were doing this:

I don’t fathom how this was the best idea when an election looms in the not too distant future. In light of that, Bush was inconsiderate to do this to Brown.

To Mr. Brown: When Bush called, couldn’t you have coughed into the phone and said he can’t come over right now, because you have the bubonic plague or something.

Bush has become political poison. Even his Republican Party is keeping their distance and the Democrats are lapping up what’s happened in the abuse being heaped on him from all sides for all the trouble he has brought on America.

He’s been unmasked as a villain, war criminal and human rights violator. Yet, you continue aligning yourself with him in public. Brave man indeed.

You may think I’m being hard on him, but Bush got the better end of the deal in being bashed, as opposed to the 3,000 soldiers and 1 million Iraqis that died over a war that is a lie.

Bush touched Brown a couple of times, making him recoil like a novice nun then smile in terror

He referred to his sidekick as ‘Gordon’. He touched Mr Brown a couple of times (making Mr Brown recoil like a novice nun at first and later smile in terror).

‘I have no pra-blem with how Gordon Brown is dealing with Eye-raq,’ he said.

You could almost see Mr Brown thinking: ‘Oh Gawd, there go another few thousand votes’.

Mr Bush altered the pace of his delivery, took a pleasingly opinionated swipe at criticism of his foreign policy, bluffed his way through some transparent guff about his ‘mult-eye-lateral’ diplomatic approach and flung wide his arms in a variety of poses.

At one point he was almost dancing for the benefit of the photographers whose speedmotor lenses were clickering like mad.

I didn’t hear the lensmen take many pictures of Gordon, though.


Bush has been the most disastrous president of modern times. Just count the days till we can cheer his departure

End of a destructive era: Outgoing President Bush

TV viewers will know it as the oldest sitcom joke in the world: a relative from hell arrives on the doorstep, demanding to stay the night. Cue the children fleeing to the neighbours for refuge, while dad stomps off to the pub.

Well, that is the jape that the President of the United States has been playing on every major capital in Europe.



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