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Justice System Fails – Pedophile R. Kelly Goes Free

June 27, 2008

Lock Up Your Daughters A Pedophile Is On The Loose

R Kelly, a man that was illegally married to a 15-year-old singer through fraud when he was 28, and according to credible lawsuits he settled, several articles and witness testimony, is a full fledged pedophile, walked free from court today, after engaging in underage sex with young girls.

The jury acquitted him on 14 counts of child pornography. As I wrote a month ago, the only reason he remained free for 6 years, is due to his money, and that same wealth allowed him to get away with serious crimes and walk free once again.

R Kelly himself all but admitted he has a sick penchant for young girls:

“While police investigate this latest case of alleged child sex abuse, others want to know what if anything has been done about other allegations made throughout the years against Kelly, including another minor, a choir girl who attended Kenwood Academy.

A 1996 lawsuit alleged Kelly “engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with the plaintiff … including engaging in group sexual intercourse with the high school freshman and other minors.”

Defending himself after the case settled for $250,000 Kelly said: “I am not a perfect person.”


However, where the justice system failed, God won’t. You will see God’s punishment in your life for what you’ve done to those girls. You need to ask Him for forgiveness and mercy, because you will, “Reap what you sow.”

Several jurors said one weakness in the prosecution’s case was that neither the alleged victim nor her parents testified. One juror said he just was not sure the female was who prosecutors said she was or that she was a minor.

One of the jurors says the decisive issue was the identity of the alleged victim in the sex tape at the heart of the case. He says the jurors couldn’t be sure it was who prosecutors said it was — and therefore couldn’t be sure if she was underage.

One juror who said he initially voted to convict said he remained convinced the man on the tape is Kelly. But he says his doubts grew during deliberations about the identity of the female.

“What we had wasn’t enough,” said the juror, who declined to give his name. Asked by reporters after the trial who the female in the sex tape was if not the alleged victim, Adam responded: “If you find that out, let us know.”



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