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Jury Believed R. Kelly Was On The Tape

June 27, 2008

…But Was Not Sure About The Identity Of The Victim They’ve Never Met

R. Kelly

The jury in the R. Kelly child pornography case believed it was the R&B singer on the tape, engaging in sex with a female, the prosecution labeled a minor. They just weren’t sure of her age or identity and it destroyed the case.

The girl on the videotape, Reshonda Landfair, who is now in her twenties, should have been required to testify. The feedback sections of numerous sites indicate the female on the tape with R. Kelly looked very underage. Half her family testified to this in court as well. But without her there, the case was weakened. Many have said she was paid off by Kelly.

They should have expressed their doubts sooner, and maybe something could have been done in compelling the victim to appear.

For him to escape such serious charges on a technicality, especially one of this nature, is truly lamentable. It was reported, when police wanted to question Landfair, R. Kelly paid for her and her family to go on a 2 month long European vacation.

It has also been proven that he keeps paying off victims. He should not be able to buy his way out of criminal charges, especially in something so serious.

One thing I’m sure he is not happy about is all his sordid business came out in court, in great detail and subsequently onto the internet, making people much more aware of what he is really like. I hope teenage girls will take note and avoid him.

R Kelly jurors say they believe R&B star was on sex tape

Their not-guilty verdict was based on female’s identity

…Several members of the jury said they believed it was Kelly on the tape that was at the centre of the trial, however they were unsure of the identity of the female who appeared in the video.

“I thought it was R Kelly. on the tape, I just wasn’t 100 percent on the girl,” said juror #9.

“The key problem was the identity of the female. Her absence was a major lack,” said juror #23…



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