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Usher’s Fans Repay His Disloyalty

June 20, 2008

Singer’s Sales Drop


Remember last year on July 21, 2007 when I wrote an article titled Usher Serves Fan Site…Legal Papers, warning Usher, aged 28, that his fans were going to let him have it for his abusive speech concerning them, because he did not like the things they were saying about his manipulative, adulterous, felonious fiancée (now wife), 38-year-old Tameka Foster, that drove a wedge between him and his mother. Remember I wrote they were going to hit him where it hurts – album sales. Well, now they have.

Usher and Tameka’s wedding photo

His “Confessions” CD prior to the rants against his fans sold 1,100,000 copies in its first week of release, which constituted very strong sales. His new CD released this month, Here I Stand, sold 433,000 copies in its first week. That’s over a 60 percent drop in sales. Nuff said.

One can reason it away saying people aren’t selling as much records as they use to, but may I direct you to next week’s Billboard charts, where artist Lil Wayne debuts at #1, selling 900,000 copies of his new CD.

To make matters worse, it sounds like the marriage, built on adultery, is already souring on old Usher:

Usher Fights To Stay Faithful

Reformed womaniser USHER fights a daily battle to stay faithful and true to his wife TAMEKA, because he’s “not good” at being in love…

And while Usher insists marriage and commitment have changed his life for the better, he admits monogamy doesn’t come naturally to him – and he has to fight his wandering eye.

The star tells Cosmopolitan magazine, “I’m good at making love, but I’m not good at being in love. It’s a conscious decision every day to love the person you’re with.”



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