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Mugabe Makes Many Mad

June 19, 2008

Robert Mugabe

It appears Zimbabwean head of state Robert Mugabe has been making very poor choices that have led to a firestorm of international criticism.

He arrested opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai because he ran against him in the election, whose results are still being disputed.

He ordered British and U.S. diplomats’ vehicles chased for six miles and detained them for several hours, when it is against international law to seize such individuals. Mugabe, just like everyone else, must follow international law.

The abuse of power never teaches others the lessons the aggressor hopes for. They will only associate such conduct with corruption and bullying. That’s not gaining the upper hand – that’s showing a very bad one.

Morgan Tsvangirai

Robert Mugabe has also suspended foreign aid coming into the impoverished nation, putting “1 million people” at risk. He is clearly not up to the task of leading his nation anymore.

He is damaging its name in the world and jeopardizing its welfare. He’s not making sound decisions on very significant matters that could inadvertently cause people to die from malnutrition and disease. People need food and medicine.

Even in times of conflict or natural disaster, leaders in countries such as Cuba and China accepted foreign assistance. It’s not about pride or money, but speed and availability, to aid in doing the most good where it is immediately needed in times of trouble or crisis.

Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga

Mugabe’s conduct was denounced by Kenya’s Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, as embarrassing to Africa. It’s clear Mugabe is having trouble letting go of the political spotlight (hmm I wonder if he’s related to Hillary Clinton).

“Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga, told the same forum that although African leaders did not want to appear to be interfering in another country’s internal affairs he felt he should speak out.

“I think I would be failing in my duty if I didn’t point out that what is happening in Zimbabwe is a big embarrassment to the entire continent of Africa,” he said. “We cannot be speaking of democracy and democratization of the continent when we condone what is happening in Zimbabwe.”


Police stop Zimbabwe opposition leader’s campaign

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Police briefly detained Zimbabwe’s opposition presidential candidate Friday for the second time this week and told him the party’s rallies had been banned indefinitely three weeks before the runoff election, an aide said.

The latest setback for Morgan Tsvangirai’s campaign came as U.N. aid agencies said they were deeply concerned after aid groups were ordered to halt operations in a move that could hamper food deliveries in impoverished Zimbabwe.


CARE warns millions at risk after Zimbabwe aid ban

JOHANNESBURG, June 6 (Reuters) – Millions of Zimbabweans dependent on food and other relief aid are at risk after the Zimbabwean government banned international aid work in the southern African country, CARE International said on Friday.

Zimbabwe indefinitely suspended all work by aid groups on Thursday, accusing some of campaigning for opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai who is bidding to end President Robert Mugabe’s 28-year rule in a presidential run-off on June 27.

CARE, one of the world’s biggest aid organisations Harare accused of political interference, denies the charge and says the Zimbabwean government has so far not provided details to back up its claims.

“You have a situation, a very dire economy in Zimbabwe … inflation is more than 100,000 percent and just finding the next meal is an extremely major exercise for a great many people,” said Kenneth Walker, CARE’s Africa communications manager.

“So several million people without access to food aid, health services, education, clean water and sanitation facilities are at risk,” Walker said.

Walker said 500,000 Zimbabweans a month benefited from CARE services ranging from education, clean water, home-based care for the chronically ill — mainly those affected by HIV-AIDS — as well as micro credit to small businesses.

Zimbabwe is suffering over 165,000 inflation, 80 percent unemployment and chronic food shortages in the wake of the collapse of its once prosperous agricultural sector…


British and US diplomats held at gunpoint in Zimbabwe

British and American diplomats have been attacked in Zimbabwe while trying to investigate political violence, the US embassy has said.

Embassy spokesman Paul Engelstad said the group was being held after being stopped at a roadblock in a rural area north of Harare.

The American ambassador to Zimbabwe, James McGee, was quoted by Reuters as saying that their detention was part of a plot to intimidate foreign diplomats that was coming “directly from the top” of President Robert Mugabe’s regime.

Sky news reported that a British vehicle escaped from the scene by smashing though a barricade while an American car fled 30km to safety with all four tyres burst after driving over a set of spikes in the road.

A number of officials are still being held by police and Zanu-PF members, according to Sky.


Zimbabwe: Mugabe Attempts to Woo Young Voters

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s campaign team this week resorted to hip-hop lyrics in a bid to woo younger voters to vote for the 84-year-old veteran leader during the June 27 presidential election run-off against rival Morgan Tsvangirai.

Zanu PF sampled Tupac’s early hit Keep ya head up from his album Strictly for my NI**AZ in an attempt to encourage Zimbabweans to be resilient in the face of biting economic hardships characterised by a record inflation rate, high unemployment and acute food shortages.



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