Madonna’s Husband Looks Happy…Without Her

June 19, 2008

With Madonna:

Guy Ritchie: how much longer do I have to fake this

As claims of a forthcoming divorce abound, Madonna‘s husband, Guy Ritchie, who I remarked yesterday looks so miserable when he’s around her, went to the opening of a new night club in London…without her…and grinning. Dude looked happy like a run away slave.

Without Madonna:

Really, you don’t have to show all your teeth at once. We get the point – you’re happy you broke out.

“Director Guy Ritchie – minus his wife Madonna.”

He was smiling away, having ditched Madonna for the night, to attend an event with many beautiful women present. Dude was smiling like he just broke out of prison.

You know, you could at least fake a smile when she drags you out for photo-ops to pretend you are a happily married couple (like anyone’s paying attention – they’re too busy looking for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt).

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