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Madonna Slammed By British Paper As A Fraud

June 19, 2008

Copyright infringer Madonna was viciously and deservedly slammed in a British paper for being a fraud. The writer hit the nail on the head, slamming everything from her terrible voice to her fake guitar playing:

Not mad for Madonna!

Jun 4 2008 by Gavin Allen, South Wales Echo

IF MADONNA is sensitive about her age, credibility or professionalism – and happens to be reading the Echo today – then she might want to look away now.

“She was clearly struggling to sing live, she looked out of practice, and there was a bit where she pretended to play the guitar and, as someone who knows how to play a guitar, she was clearly just holding down an open G chord and strumming it.

“The problem for her is that she has got no credibility left, which is why she is always working with these young new musicians.

“She is looking increasingly desperate to hang onto the fame she has left, but she isn’t aware of the way she is perceived because she lives in a bubble.



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