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FBI Denounced By Parents Of Missing Kids

June 19, 2008

FBI director Robert Mueller

Parents are speaking out against the FBI’s poor handling of their missing children’s cases. In one case, a private investigator found the child in one month, where the FBI couldn’t find him in 8 months. That’s pretty shameful.

An FBI agent told the missing boy’s mother, Tracy Gibson, “It was not a priority for him that he had other things to deal with.” Β Wow, what a heartless thing to say to a mother whose child is missing.

In the case of another missing child, the parent, Mary Willis, blamed the FBI for what happened, “I believe that she is dead because of the FBI. They don’t monitor their informants, they literally let them out and they run amok.”

Yes, the FBI has a history of not monitoring their informants, who go on to murder innocent people in cold blood (James “White” Bugler). It’s FBI headquarters’ policy and a very bad one.

Sorry, but it has been my experience that FBI headquarters doesn’t care about people, only the money they can extract from Congress via tax dollars that end up squandered and stolen.

While, I’m sure there are FBI agents who are trying to do a good job, with the poor leadership and bad instructions from headquarters and the sheer jadedness that sprouts up in some, not all, FBI employees, victims often are victimized once more, due to the unkind treatment and criminal negligence from the agency.

There’s no excuse for that, as you are dealing with people’s lives. You wouldn’t like it if you were a victim of crime and received such poor treatment.

Private eye succeeds when FBI fails to find Georgia boy

WASHINGTON β€” A 6-year-old Georgia boy is back home in Villa Rica after his fugitive father was discovered hiding out with the boy at a Mexican resort. Daniel O’Neal, who is now in Miami awaiting extradition to Cobb County, faces charges of sexually molesting a teen-age daughter from a previous marriage and flight to avoid prosecution.

Some involved in the search are faulting FBI for lackluster efforts to find and return the boy, who went missing 18 months ago.

Tracy Gibson of Griffin, Ga., the ex-wife of O’Neal, said it took a private investigator less than a month to locate her ex-husband and the boy, Colton O’Neal, who is his son from another relationship. The FBI had the case for eight months.

Gibson said she joined forces in the search with Olivia Dupree, Colton’s mother. The mother and son were reunited in Miami Saturday, and TV crews were on hand at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport when they returned Sunday and celebrated with Gibson. Dupree and Gibson had set up a Web site to publicize the missing boy and had grown increasingly impatient with the lack of progress by the FBI.

Dupree said an Atlanta FBI agent told her that “it was not a priority for him that he had other things to deal with.” Gibson said she was given a similar response.

They told me they have more important cases to handle,” Gibson said. She said she eventually found Jake Schmidt, a Beverly Hills, Calif., detective to the stars, who took on the case for no charge.

In a phone interview, Schmidt said he takes a few cases of missing children each year for free. “These cases become an annoyance to federal authorities,” he said.


Moms Criticize FBI in Daughters’ Disappearances

One-time informant suspected in disappearances of at least four people.

June 4, 2008 – As soon as she met Scott Kimball, Mary Willis says she felt chilling suspicion: Kimball, the man who was supposed to help the FBI solve her daughter’s disappearance, was the one who had killed her.

But after meeting the charming ex-con in the summer of 2005, Willis quickly became suspicious. “He went into detail about how she died, where the body was,” she said. “He was smug about it. He told me a lot of terrible things.”…

Willis said she told the FBI she believed Kimball was involved in her daughter’s death, but she said the bureau told her the case was under control.

You tell me how as soon as that information is given to the FBI they still didn’t do anything. They didn’t take him in,” she said. “He’s more or less saying, ‘I killed her’ and laughing in their faces.”

The FBI now believes Kimball may have been involved in the death of his own stepdaughter and the disappearances of at least three people, including Marcum. An FBI spokeswoman in Denver declined to comment on the specifics of the case.

Kimball’s role as an informant, disclosed in a federal search warrant, has outraged some of the parents of the missing women.

“I believe Kayci would not be gone if it weren’t for” the FBI, said Lori McLeod, one of Kimball’s ex-wives, whose daughter Kayci’s body was discovered earlier this year. “I believe that she is dead because of the FBI. They don’t monitor their informants, they literally let them out and they run amok.”



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