Sites: Partners Jealous Of Obama And Oprah

June 10, 2008

The Two O’s

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and wife Michelle

A few sites and tabloids are claiming Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic presidential nominee, Barack, is uncomfortable with talk show host, Oprah Winfrey’s relationship with her husband. Some are further claiming Oprah’s longtime boyfriend Stedman is also jealous of the relationship.

While Oprah does things I don’t agree with, she really was trying to help Obama. Oprah always fawns over people she likes.

Oprah Winfrey (second to the left) Michelle Obama (right)

You guys know when Oprah gets excited about something, she goes all out. It could be a toenail clipper she found at a store, if she likes it, everybody in the audience would get one (*Oprah throws toenail clippers out in the audience* “and here’s a toenail clipper for you, and here’s one for you” *audience members get cut by flying toenail clippers and sue Oprah*). Just kidding.

I don’t think there’s any need for alarm (unless there is something you want to tell us, Oprah). Kidding again.

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