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R. Kelly’s Mole Disputed Again

June 7, 2008

I know he wishes he’d had that mask on in that video

Singer R. Kelly’s lawyer contends he is not the man in a video having sex with a then 13-year-old girl, Reshonda Landfair. His defense lawyer arranged for a demonstration illustrating how you can paste a person’s head on another body.

While, with basic video tools, anyone can paste another person’s head onto another body, but the defense doing that proves nothing, as they key issue in that line of reasoning is, it would be detectable. Any video expert worth their salt would be able to tell the tape had been altered.

4 The Cause (Reshonda Landfair pictured to the far right)

The FBI and other experts have already decreed the video has not been altered. They have testified that it would take decades working 24/7 to accomplish such a thing, which would predate R. Kelly’s birth. Even then, the alterations to the video would show.

(Reshonda Landfair pictured center) look at how young she was when this was going on.

Switching the heads of subjects on a video tape is a clumsy technique that when properly inspected by an expert will reveal the digital trickery.

R. Kelly

While, I’ve not seen the tape, but the evidence and witnesses provided compelling proof that R. Kelly has engaged in this very type of misconduct repeatedly with different underage girls. He cannot be allowed to continue doing this. Do not let money and fame sway you from rendering justice for deeds that are very sick.

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