Madonna’s Marriage Mess

June 7, 2008

Trapped Into Marriage By Pregnancy, Madonna’s Husband Pines Away For Former Girlfriend

Talk continues of Madonna’s marriage to director Guy Ritchie being on the rocks. The Daily Mail has published an article claiming the two have agreed to a trial separation.


Madonna and Ritchie in trial split
Ninemsn, Australia – May 25, 2008
By ninemsn staff Rumours that Madonna will split from husband Guy Ritchie have gained momentum with fresh reports the pair are heading for a trial …

Madge’s marriage ‘on the rocks’
The West Australian, Australia – May 25, 2008
Madonna has had enough of arguing with her husband Guy Ritchie and her seven-year marriage is on the rocks, London’s Daily Mail reports today…

Tania Strecker (Guy Ritchie’s ex-girlfriend that he is still in love with)

Word in London is Guy Ritchie has been ogling one of his best friends’ wives, German bombshell Claudia Schiffer, who he reportedly has a thing for. Schiffer is married to Matthew Vaughn.

Claudia Schiffer

He was also said to be admiring big-breasted, and apparently silicone free, Kelly Brook, the ex-girlfriend of his friend actor Jason Statham.

Word is he does not like Madonna’s friend actress Gwyneth Paltrow (apparently he and many bloggers), but finds her attractive. On a night out, he was seen looking at her butt.

Kelly Brook

Madonna vindictively stated in an interview that he is not the man she thought he would be. Yea, like he married Cinderella. He married Cruela Deville.

Trapping a man into marriage through pregnancy, which she did, is not wise. Because if the man loves someone else, he will resent you for it.

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