John McCain: I’m Not George Bush

June 7, 2008

McCain to photographer: try not to get a shot of my face. That way people will think it’s Cheney or something (LOL):

Political liability George Bush (left) and a nervous looking John McCain (right). I love that photo. McCain is looking more nervous than when the Vietnamese nabbed him.

This is what McCain said the photograph was supposed to look like, but the photographer was a vindictive Democrat and unveiled the presidential candidate’s identity:

(just kidding)

Republican nominee John McCain has been distancing himself from president George W. Bush, out of concern it will harm his bid for the White House in the 2008 race.

Rivals and political pundits have been publicly pointing out the similarities between the two and this move is being interpreted as an attempt to squash that:

McCain: Don’t call me Bush

Jun 5, 4:43 AM (ET) – WASHINGTON (AP) – Barack Obama is fond of using a four-letter word to describe John McCain: Bush.

Weary and wary of being linked so closely with the president, McCain says Obama is spreading a falsehood voters won’t buy when he says McCain as president would deliver a third Bush term.

Oh, to be the president of the United States these days. Time was, it wasn’t so awful to be associated with the leader of the country.

But the political reality is that Bush’s approval ratings are near record lows, which makes him an easy target. Or at least not a guy being sought out for bear hugs.

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