Defiant Hillary Clinton Won’t Give Up Delegates

June 7, 2008

It is being reported today that in spite of the fact Hillary Clinton is supposed to concede and bow out of the presidential race this week, she shall not be giving up her delegates.

Is Hillary still hanging on hoping someone will pick Obama off. Someone please explain this act of defiance. People know she was the runner up.

Cindy McCain: yea, sure you won Hillary (not!)

Even people in foreign countries know you didn’t win

Does Clinton Know the Race Is Over?

All Things Considered, June 5, 2008 · Although New York Sen. Hillary Clinton may concede on Saturday, her plan to hold on to her delegates could undercut her proclaimed intent of unifying the Democratic Party.

Since Illinois Sen. Barack Obama clinched the party nomination, some of Clinton’s strongest supporters have worried that she is undermining him at a historic moment that should be his to savor.

Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel is the dean of Clinton’s own state delegation in the House. “The New York congressional delegation is with her to the end,” he said. “But we thought the end was the end.”

The end, according to Rangel, was Tuesday night, when Clinton delivered what many Democrats are calling her less-than-gracious, non-concession speech. This has caused anguish among even the most loyal Clinton supporters.

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